Ch. Hamlet's N Brandilyn's Always on My Mind
Welcome To Brandilyn
We are a small hobby kennel breeder of
solid colored English Cocker Spaniels.  
Solid colors include red, black, black &
tan, and liver.  

We are very passionate about this breed
and with each breeding we do we strive
to improve the breed.

Not only are our dogs, show dogs, they
are also our family pets.  None of our
dogs are kenneled.  They are all raised as
"house dogs."  I have large fenced yards
so my dogs are always kept active to
keep their minds fresh and their bodies
in top shape.  Their favorite pastime is
looking for the local wildlife to chase.
English Cockers make GREAT family
dogs.  They are very affectionate, merry
dogs who are very devoted to their

This is a "coated" breed that requires
regular brushing and grooming by
yourself or a professional groomer.
I hope you enjoy visiting with us on our web pages learning
more about this wonderful breed and about each of our dogs.